Dr. Karen Kohut, MD

Dr. Karen Kohut, MD a practising Obsterician & Gynecologist. Dr. Kohut graduated from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 1989. She works in Los Gatos, CA and specializes in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Brown Discharge Before Your Period? The 8 Normal (or Worrying) Causes Explained

Brown Discharge Before Period

Women are the first to tell you that once puberty and menses begin you have to quickly become comfortable with strange substances coming out of your body. And just when you get the hang of having menstrual cycles and “normal” vaginal discharge, something happens (stress, birth control, pregnancy, fertility treatments) and everything is topsy-turvy again. Then imagine one day, you’re waiting for your period (or …

What is Affecting My Fertility?


The perception is that getting pregnant and having a baby is always an amazing and joyous experience. However, when a desired pregnancy doesn’t happen right away, you may feel utterly bewildered. Your feelings of anticipation can give way to hours of worry and days or even weeks of anxiety. Every time one of your friends breathlessly confides they are expecting, you catch your breath just …

Foods For Optimum Fertility

Foods for Fertility

Trying to conceive is one area of our lives that we don’t have full control over. Many of us were raised with the idea that we could accomplish anything if we planned ahead and worked hard. If you have carefully planned when to have a baby, it can be frustrating, if not devastating, when months go by without achieving a longed-for pregnancy. According to the …